Which Ukulele Capo To Buy?

Need a capo for your uke?

I wanted to hunt a good one down after deciding to learn Let It Go from Frozen for my little girl…

(Here’s my tab for Let It Go if you’re interested: Let It Go Ukulele Chords)

Anyway, tried a few and there was an easy winner:

D’Addario (Planet Waves) NS Ukulele Capo Pro

DAddario Ukulele Capo

Really light, yet feels like it’s strong and could take a beating. Rather than an on/off clamp it has a very nice micro-adjustable wheel to only add as much pressure to the strings as you want to.

Product code is PW-CP-12 incase there’s any confusion, I bought mine from Amazon for £15 quid: Planet Waves PW-CP-12 NS Ukulele Capo


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