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Verb-iPhone-Home-Screen 0

Verb-Based iPhone Home Screen Layout

So if you’ve got the time in your day to sit and faff about with such things… here’s an alternative way of laying out your home screen, everything will generally fit on the one...

Slo Mo Footage 0

Sending Slo-Mo Video via WhatsApp

Alright? So since the release of the iPhone 5s and its “Slo-Mo” video mode, we are able to take 120fps video, which enables us to pull sections of the footage back down to regular...

2048 iOS Game Strategy 0

2048 Game Strategy

So you’ve had a go at the iOS game 2048,¬†you like it, its satisfying and addictive, and you keep having one more go despite a nagging feeling that there must be a better, more...