90s Gaming on the PSone


So I use my Xbox One all the time, but its more and more becoming the case that I just use it as a media centre and to play the odd game.

What’s really captured my attention, and this I’m sure will be in no part due to the fact that I was a teenager through the 90s, is my recently purchased Sony PSone. Its simple, no fancy dashboards, no over-complicated settings, no wireless controllers running out of juice, just simple plug-and-play gaming the way it should be.

I bought it to play Ridge Racer and DOOM, but have invested (if you can call it that with the price of this stuff now!) in a few other old gems. Check out my post The Four Original Playstation Games Everybody Should Own.

In case you’re wondering, you could kit yourself up with loads of good stuff for under £50 easily, my PSone for example was a mere £14 (delivered) on eBay, although on the whole I’ve spent a bit more than I needed to as I’m a sucker for stuff in mint condition…

(And I wanted a Namco NeGcon, possibly the best racing game controller this side of full-blown simulation wheels?)

Awesome. Do it.


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