Doom II Cover Artwork by Gerald Brom

DOOM II Cover Artwork by Brom


Love a bit of retro gaming me, and being a big fan of the stuff the 90s were kicking out I don’t think you can get much better than DOOM (DOOM II for me personally, the PSX version if we’re getting picky).

Found a lovely high-res version of the DOOM II cover artwork by Gerald Brom. This seems to be just about the highest res version around but the colours were quite flat (although the image data was all intact without any colours being crushed) so I tweaked it a wee bit as is my want to get it closer to the production version seen on the cover.

Makes a great geeky retina phone wallpaper…

Grab a copy peeps:

DOOM II Cover Artwork by Brom

Laters taters.


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